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To reach a member of the Bar staff by phone, dial (803) 799-6653. When prompted, enter the appropriate extension referenced below.


David Ross -
Executive Director : Ext. 144
Oversees and manages Bar operations.


Mary-Kathryn Craft  -
Communications Director : Ext. 161
Oversees all communications efforts including the production of SC Lawyer, various newsletters, annual reports as well as efforts to promote Bar projects and initiatives through social media, the press and other outlets.

Jamie Metz -
Content Strategist : Ext. 155
Coordinates content across a variety of communications channels including the twice weekly e-Blast newsletter, manages social media channels, updates website content and serves as liaison to the SC Lawyer editorial board. 

Andrew Clemons -
Creative Director : Ext. 148
Oversees creative development of Bar materials; serves as Art Director of SC Lawyer magazine; designs various print and online materials.

Kristen Clark -
Graphic Design Coordinator : Ext. 162
Designs various print and online materials.

Continuing Legal Education

Terry Burnett -
CLE Director : Ext. 152
Plans and oversees the operation of the CLE Division; proposes and implements policies and projects.

Marley Lybrand Douglas -
Assistant CLE Director - Seminars : Ext. 123
Manages the production schedule of seminars and Bar Convention; assists with marketing efforts for the seminars programs and Bar Convention; oversees assigned staff.

Delilah Roseborough -
Convention Manager : Ext. 130
Manages planning for Bar Convention and selected seminars.

Cheryl Underwood -
CLE Seminars Coordinator III : Ext. 133
Coordinates administration, marketing and promotion for selected seminars.

Lauren Robinson -
Seminar / Conference Center Coordinator : Ext. 117
Handles conference center scheduling; coordinates administration, marketing and promotion for selected seminars; and serves as customer service contact for Course of Study program.

Alicia Chandler Hutto -
Assistant CLE Director : Publications - Ext. 119
Plans and oversees the operation of the publications department of the CLE Division; oversees assigned staff.

Joanne Kelley -
CLE Publications Manager : Ext. 172
Responsible for formatting publications.

Kerie Nickel -
CLE Publications Coordinator : Ext. 126
Responsible for publications order processing, invoicing, office sales and shipping; responsible for processing publications/seminar materials returns and refunds/credits.

Jane Points -
eCLE Coordinator : Ext. 128
Coordinates the production, posting and customer service for online programs to include teleseminars and webcasting.

Robin Genovese -
CLE Receptionist/Administrative Coordinator : Ext. 110
Serves as first contact with the CLE Division and provides administrative support.

Emily Moody -
CLE Registrar : Ext. 122
Manages event registrations.


Innis Belton -
Financial Director : Ext. 124
Manages Bar accounting, payroll, benefits and grant finances.

Human Resources

Tara Brockman -
Human Resources Manager : Ext. 189

Law Related Education

Cynthia H. Cothran -
LRE Director : Ext. 153
Plans and oversees the operation of the LRE Division; conducts teacher training workshops; coordinates Mock Trial, Project Citizen, Law for Teachers and Supreme Court Institute; supports all LRE projects including conferences, workshops, marketing and committees.

Donald Lanier -
LRE Manager : Ext. 156
Promotes training for school resource officers; oversees, Street Law and Foundations of Democracy; supports other LRE projects in­clud­ing conferences, workshops, committees and marketing.

Marian Kirk -
LRE Coordinator II : Ext. 157
Responsible for managing the production schedule of LRE trainings and competition opportunities; supports all LRE projects including conferences, trainings, competitions and committees.

Media Services Division

Jason Stokes -
Media Director : Ext. 175
Oversees all aspects of the Media Services Division.

Warren Holland -
Media Services Manager : Ext. 121
Manages all aspects of media production for seminars, distance learning, Bar functions and special projects.

Jeremy Frazier -
Media and IT Coordinator : Ext. 159
Supports operation of information systems and assists with on-site media production of seminars and distance learning.

Membership Services

Charmy Medlin -
Membership Services Director : Ext. 134
Oversees the operation of the Membership Services Division; supports House of Delegates, Board of Governors, Paralegal Certification Program and Practice and Procedure Committee.

Tara Caine -
Membership Services Manager : Ext. 146
Supports the Senior Lawyers Division and Memory Hold the Door Committee; serves as section and committee liaison.

Donna Oelhafen -
Membership Services Manager : Ext. 171
Primary contact for general member information—license fees, status changes, new member processing and targeted mailing information; reviews and compiles court appointment rule information.

Juliana Sobey -
Membership Services Coordinator : Ext. 176
Assists with license fee processing; coordinates Annual Meeting of Chairs; supports implementation of iCivics; and provides general administrative support.

Kimberly Snipes -
YLD and Diversity Coordinator : Ext. 135
Supports the Young Lawyers Division, Law Student Affiliate Division and Diversity Committee; and coordinates Leadership Academy.

Kali Campbell Turner -
Government Affairs Director : Ext. 170
Coordinates the Bar's legislative programs.

Kim Loostrom -
Membership Services Program Coordinator : Ext. 182
Provides administrative support for various sections and committees and special projects.

Lawyers Helping Lawyers

J. Robert Turnbull -
Lawyers Helping Lawyers Co-Director : Ext. 181
Offers support and referrals for judges and lawyers experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, or substance use disorders, and provides support and evaluations for lawyers and judges during disciplinary proceedings.

Beth Padgett -
Lawyers Helping Lawyers Co-Director : Ext. 140
Provides support and referrals for judges, lawyers, and law students experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, or substance use disorders, including support and evaluations for law students during Character and Fitness reviews and lawyers and judges during disciplinary proceedings.

Michael Abro -
Education and Outreach Coordinator : Ext. 137
Coordinates education and outreach programs related to Lawyers Helping Lawyers for judges, lawyers and law students.

Practice Management

Courtney Troutman -
Director, Practice Management Assistance Program : Ext. 183
Provides free individualized Zoom, telephone and email consultation on practice management and law office technology issues; develops practice aids; speaks to lawyers and paralegal groups; authors articles and tips; serves as liaison to Solo & Small Firm Section; works with member benefits.

Emily Worley -
Practice Management Assistance Program Assistant : Ext. 118
Assists PMAP Director in providing practice management and technology assistance to Bar members, including Fastcase, Lending Library, Book Exchange and listserv questions.

Risk Management

Nichole Davis -
Risk Management Director : Ext. 178
Operates risk management program and Ethics Hotline; oversees Lawyer Mentoring Program, provides substantive and administrative support to the Ethics Advisory Committee, Professional Responsibility Committee, Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee, and Professional Liability Committee.

Public Services

Cindy Coker -
Public Services Director : Ext. 142
Oversees Ask-A-Lawyer, Lawyer Referral Service, Lawyer's Fund for Client Protection, Client Assistance Program (CAP), fee disputes, the Commission on Alternative Dispute Resolution, the Dispute Resolution Section and other public service programs.

Eileen Carrouth -
Lawyers' Fund Manager : Ext. 141
Supports the Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection and the Client Assistance Program.

Michelle Dennis -
Fee Disputes Coordinator : Ext. 163
Administers the Resolution of Fee Disputes program; provides administrative support to the Commission on Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Keely Adams -
Lawyer Referral Service Manager : Ext. 169
Assists the Board of Arbitrator and Mediator Certification with the administration of court-annexed ADR programs; provides administrative support for the Dispute Resolution Section; administers daily operations of the statewide LRS and LRS Online.

Jane Manion -
LRS Operator : Ext. 136
Answers incoming lines for the Lawyer Referral Service.

Chris Thom
LRS Operator : Ext. 139
Answers incoming lines for the Lawyer Referral Service.

Gloria Godfrey -
Public Services Assistant : Ext. 111
Serves as Bar receptionist and provides administrative support.

Betsy Goodale -
Pro Bono Program Director : Ext. 138
Plans and implements the statewide Pro Bono Program to support pro bono services in each judicial circuit; serves as liaison to the Pro Bono Board.

Rose Dean -
Pro Bono Program Paralegal : Ext. 164
Responsible for intake and referral for the Pro Bono Program.

Karen Elliott -
Pro Bono Program Paralegal : Ext. 185
Responsible for intake and referral for the Pro Bono Program.